NCredible Tablet is a touch-screen tablet created and designed by Nick Cannon. The tablet was made in association with Cannon's N'Credible Entertainment and was made by Google Play. The tablet was released in July 2014, and is available to buy on QVC.

NCredible NetworkEdit

  • Google Play - Download the latest apps, music, movies, and more using Google Play on the NCredible Network with exclusive access to Promotional Content and private releases.

  • NCredible DJ - Now over a Wi-Fi network you can use the power of the NCredible DJ to play music across multiple devices on the network and amplify the sound of speakers creating a Mobile Dance Club.

  • Mogul Minute - Nick Cannon brings you 60 second inspirational interviews from today's influential people. The ultimate goal is to get today's generation to unleash the motivation within themselves.

  • NTV - provides you with behind the scenes footage, exclusive premieres, early releases of music videos, and more.

  • Social Station - The combination of feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram coming together in a central dashboard makes it easy to connect and be up to date.

  • Spotlight - . Instantly record your performance and submit while network users and celebrities vote and comment. Spotlight is all about sharing Ncredible entertainment and showcasing your style to the world with unlimited chances to submit.